All the Important Details You Need to Know Regarding Lip Fillers

Lips have always been a vital asset to beauty. They’re one of the first things we notice about a person’s face. This was even the subject of a Manchester University study that tracked the eye movements of 50 men upon meeting a woman for the first time. Its results suggested that, within ten seconds of their encounter, most of them spent half of their time looking at the woman’s lips.

Having luscious lips is certainly a desirable feature. Unfortunately, some of us do not have the predisposition or genetics that gives us exquisite and pouty lips. The good news though is that cosmetic experts long worked hard to develop a non-invasive solution: LIP FILLERS.

But before you dive into this cosmetic miracle, it’s best to know everything about it first and get a better understanding of how it’s done. You need to consider what substances are are used, and how long the effects lasts. You might also be wondering if is painful or unsafe, and what one should do if the results aren’t satisfactory.

How Are Lip Fillers Used and What Are They Made Of?
Cosmetic lip fillers have become a very popular procedure for quite some time. In fact, roughly 2.7 million dermal filler treatments were performed in the US alone back in 2017 (as reported by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons).

Much like professional skin peels, lip filler treatments are non-invasive procedures aimed towards enhancing a person’s beauty. They are done by certified professionals using gel-based injections into the client’s lips, effectively increasing their size and volume.

Now, it’s important to note that various fillers work differently. Some trap water inside the lips, causing them to plump. Others achieve similar affects by using protein to add volume.

Fortunately, the procedure has very little, to no, downtime and can be finished in a span of 30 minutes (a handy thing to remember if you’re looking for treatments that fit into a busy schedule).

When Does it Take Effect and How Long Does It Last?
The results of this cosmetic treatment are almost immediate. There is about 20% chance that you may experience swelling at first (but it’s rarely anything serious). After 4 weeks, the filler’s full effect can now be properly observed. By this time, the swelling has already subsided and the filler has been 100% assimilated by the skin.

The results can can last up to six months after initial procedure and it’s also recommended to wait another two or three months before its really necessary to do it again.

Is it Painful?
While the thought of having a needle stuck in one’s lip sounds painful, it is no worse than the mild pain experienced during a microneedling treatment. It can also be much quicker. The closest thing to what can be described as pain is a slight pinch during each injection, which can even be further reduced by the presence of anaesthetics mixed within the filler substance itself.

Are There Any Necessary Precautions?
Well, there certainly are. Lip filler treatment is not suitable for pregnant women or for those currently breastfeeding. They’re also not recommended for those with autoimmune disorders, or diabetes. And if you have history of cold sores or herpes, viral infections may be reactivated. 

Still it remains an innovative treatment that gifts the beauty of luscious lips to anyone who wants them in order to achieve a desired look.

All you need to do is get in touch with a reliable professional to help you with the process. Check us out here at Cosmetics Injectables and we’ll guide you at every step until you get the gorgeous lips you’ve always wanted to have.

What you need to know for before and after Lip filler procedure.