The Secret Benefits of Radiofrequency Skin Treatments

Finding a way to keep one’s youth is a part of maintaining one’s physical beauty. Of course, fighting off aging is an impossible endeavour, but that doesn’t mean that people should just let it get the best of them. In fact, if there is anything that our advances in medicine and technology have proved, it is the fact that we can fight off diseases and lessen mortality rates— as well as improve the longevity and quality of a person’s physical appearance.

A healthy and young skin is the perfect complement for a person’s physical appearance, and it will certainly get them plenty of compliments from other people. However, the skin is also one of the first body parts that show signs of aging and it’s also the most visibly seen, which means those wrinkles are almost impossible to hide. Fortunately for us, years of medicinal and technological innovations have brought us the best solution to bring back (and keep) our skin’s juvenescence: the RADIOFREQUENCY SKIN TREATMENT.

The Inner Cogs of Radiofrequency and How it Functions
RF (Radiofrequency) Treatments have been around since 2001 and it has always been used for non-surgical skin tightening. It is a type of skin treatment that utilises electromagnetic waves that releases the energy of approximately 450 kilohertz. The reason why it has only recently gained global notoriety is because of some high-profile celebrities who decided to talk about their experiences with RF treatments, along with beauty gurus who include RF treatment as one of their 5 habits that women with beautiful skin do every day.

450 kilohertz of energy is enough to produce heat to reach the skin’s deeper layer to promote elastin and collagen, as well as stimulate cell turnover, which in turn makes skin more youthful-looking by becoming thicker and firmer. Now, you may be thinking to yourself “Heat can be painful and dangerous, is this treatment really worth taking?” which we can understand. But to give a better context, RF treatment is on a very lower and calmer spectrum—being 1 billion times slower than x-rays and 100 million times slower than visible light—meaning the heat they produce is virtually painless or completely tolerable.

The Benefits that have been kept from Everyone
There are numerous benefits that RF treatments offer to people that simply haven’t been given the chance to be discussed to a wider audience. These benefits have been kept a secret for a while now, but we’re here to tell about some of them. If you’re sold on getting a radiofrequency skin treatment, then you’ll surely enjoy these benefits:

  • Fine Lines are Lightened – Your cosmetic practitioner can target the fine lines on your skin and lighten them, with results that only get better with every consecutive treatment.
  • Triggers Elastin, Hyaluronic Acid, and Collagen Production – The more we age, our body’s capability to naturally produce elastin and collagen get slower, turning our once pristine skins into dry and wrinkly shells. The heat coming from RF treatments is enough to stimulate the cells and reproduce elastin, hyaluronic, and collagen.
  • Firm, Tighten, and Lift – RF treatments are meant to tighten, lift, and make the skin firm by stimulating the production of elastin and collagen in a natural way.
  • Quick and Painless – Unlike surgically invasive skin treatments, RF treatments are quick and painless that often showcase visible results within a few weeks. It’s also considerably cheaper as well, making it a fine choice for anyone looking for an efficient and more money-friendly procedure.
  • Long-Lasting Results – Due to how deep RF treatments work on the skin, results last longer—reaching up to 2 years—compared to other treatments that merely stimulate a patient’s facial muscles.

This treatment is also very safe for all skin types.