Fern Pattern Technique


Strengthen the skin in a natural way.


The FERN PATTERN TECHNIQUE ™ is a strategy to strengthen the skin “without blowing up the face in an unnatural way” i.e. less dermal filler is needed to create a better aesthetic correction.
Dr Tom van Eijk in 2005 developed the “Fern Pattern” injection technique, with which strengthening the skin proved possible without blowing up the face in an unnatural way. An additional benefit for the patient is that less filler is needed (which makes the treatment cheaper) and more longer-lasting results are achieved.

  • Smooth out lines around nose and mouth (a.k.a. marionette lines, smile lines, and parentheses)
  • Diminish vertical lip lines
  • Restores chin lines

Treatment Cycle

Every few months a treatment is recommended to gradually work towards a natural and optimal cosmetic correction.

If the desired result is achieved a touch up once every 12 to 18 months will be ample.

Treatment time

30- 50 minutes


Avoid pairing dental treatments (such as teeth whitening and scaling) with dermal fillers. High-stress workout should also be avoided in order to unnecessary strain on the muscles. For women, we recommend waiting until after your menstrual cycle has completed before undergoing this treatment to reduce sensitivity to swelling and pain. Patients should also avoid drinking alcohol or taking painkillers before the procedure.

If you experince any inflmatory or other reactions that last more than 3 days , you must contact your Cosmetic Injector immediately. If necessary, medical treatemnt may be prescribed and this will likely inccur additional costs.

Possible Side Effects

Some commom side effects include slight redness, mild pain, swelling, itching or tenderness to the treated atea. As with any piercing or the skin, tehre is an assosiated risk of infection.

Ocassional cases of bumps and pimples, sometjimes accompanied by redness, may occur a few days to a few weeks after the injection. These common side effects are temporary and generally disappear spontaneously in a few days. Very rare cases of revessable discolouration at the injection site has also been described after Dermal filler injections. In addition, rare cases of abscess (hard and swollen sore that may contain pus), granuloma (small accumulation of tissue) and blocking of blood vessels causing damage to surrounding skin have been reported.

Possible Side Effects

Injections with dermal fillers should not be used in women who are pregnant or breast feeding.

They should also not be used if:

  • you have a known allergy to the treatment;
  • an autoimmine disease
  • tendency to develop keliod scarring
  • there is an infection in the area that’s to be treated; or
  • if you have epilepsy, porphyria (enzyme disorder), any allergies (including to hypersensitivity bee sting or lidocaine)

If you previously had a dermal filler implanted (permanent or non permanent) you must notify your Cosmetic Injector prior to receiving treatment with Dermal filler injectable gel.


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