Virtual Consultation – A Key to Stress-Free Skin Care at Home

Because of the current situation with COVID-19, many skin care clinics have had to close for the sake of everyone’s safety. After all, it’s a well-known fact that skin contact on the face has been one common way to transmit the novel coronavirus.

That said, it is also very understandable that a lot of us at home are struggling both physically and emotionally because of this pandemic. It doesn’t feel great, and it leads to you not looking great. You’re probably fretting over what you can do now that your favourite aesthetician can’t see you. How are you going to change your self-care routine? Are there skin care alternatives you can do at home? Are they even safe?

The good news is that you’re actually not cut off from any expert advice to get these answers. That’s why you may have noticed many skin care professionals are still open to providing virtual consultations to help you through this!

These are not just mere video calls. Remote consultation has seen a lot of use among medical professionals during this crisis. It is no different for those working in skin care. Here are just three things you can expect from these sessions.

1. More information and education.

Naturally, the consultation will be your opportunity to ask a professional regarding your most pressing skin care concerns (just like you would in a physical appointment). Some may even direct you to submit them before the appointment via the use of apps.

They, in turn, will also use this opportunity to really educate you on what type of personal care you can do at home. If you’re a regular at their clinic, then you can learn exactly what type of methods work best to maintain the treatment you got from them (such as using eye patches, or the kind of skin-tightening tool to buy).

2. Support and empowerment.

Speaking of which, your provider will also not leave you hanging by giving you advice you may not be equipped to follow. Because even while the clinics are closed, they are still willing to ship any tools or special skin care products to you so that you can start providing your own care at home.

That’s why virtual consultation can be very useful. Rather than stress yourself further by browsing the internet for items and having no idea if it’s all suitable for you, you can hear an expert’s recommendation directly and then arrange it all sent to you in no time.

3. More time yourself!

And of course, there is also the schedule flexibility that comes from not having to leave the house! Getting an appointment for a virtual consultation means you don’t have to spend any extra time preparing to leave the house and travelling to the clinic.

That leaves plenty of more time to learn from your provider about doing your own home care (as well as other activities you can do to help manage the anxiety over the present situation).

All in all, the closures that are happening all around you should not be taken as a sign that you’ve been abandoned and are on your own. Try getting yourself a virtual consultation today, and get the answers you need to get your self-care routine back on track!