Why Diamond Polar Treatment is One of the Best Skin Tightening Procedure

Saggy skin and fine lines are problems that a lot of women and men have to deal with. They usually manifest at a later age, but some individuals have been known to have “Crow’s Feet” early on in their 20s. To help mitigate the appearance of saggy skin, fine lines, and wrinkles, people resort to non-surgical skin tightening treatments.

Nowadays, people can get any kind of skin treatment that they want. However, we highly suggest that you aim for a procedure with one of the most effective results, like our Diamond Polar Skin Tightening Treatment for example. You’re not convinced? Then let us give you the reasons why it’s one of the best skin tightening treatment there is.

Perfect for Both Young and Mature Individuals

The Diamond Polar Skin Tightening Treatment uses state-of-the-art technology like Multi-Polar Radio Frequency (MP²) and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF) to provide a non-invasive, virtually pain-free procedure that uses radiofrequency, partnered with a diamond polar tip, to generate thermal energy without the ablative thermal damage.

It’s commonly used as an anti-aging solution by older patients who would like to rejuvenate their skin’s elasticity and remove wrinkles, while younger patients can use it to maintain their skin’s health or to have a more defined contour.

A Quick Treatment with No Down Time

A Diamond Polar Skin Tightening Treatment typically lasts around 30 minutes and it requires no downtime. If done by an expert, patients wouldn’t feel any kind of discomfort at all, and they may even find the procedure a bit soothing—like having a relaxing hot stone massage after a busy week.

The heat generated from the treatment would also give the patient’s skin a natural and beautiful afterglow. Features like these make it one of the best skin tightening treatment for those who need to look like their most dazzling self for a big event.

Loaded with Lots of Benefits

In the field of cosmetics, the best treatments are often the ones that understand how the skin works and provides tons of benefits for it. Teresa Tarmey, who spent 23 years at the helm of skin innovation and is one of the most influential skin-care experts, said during an interview with Venus Concept Inc. about Diamond Polar Treatment that one of the reasons why she likes radiofrequency treatments is because it’s good for all skin types, it creates new collagen in the skin, and it tightens the skin gently.

It can also be used in tandem with other skin resurfacing procedures, due to the fact that it aids in accelerating cell repair and rebuild blood vessels.
Now that you know about one of the best skin tightening treatment we have, we’re quite confident that you’d want to get the procedure done as soon as possible. But as always, let’s book a session first, so our experts could talk to you and take good care of you. After that, we’ll be making sure that when you leave our clinic, you’ll be feeling like a brand new you!