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We are confident that we have researched and found skin care that is as individual as you are - Dermaviduals

Just like two finger prints are never the same, neither are any two skins, and neither should your skin care be!

Dermaviduals products are uniquely formulated to match the composition of your skin = like for like. In comparison to many conventional products, it is this unique formulation that allows for a more effective penetration of the ingredients. It means the active ingredients can actually work down into the skin barrier, helping to correct and improve your skin conditions and more excitingly, to try and prevent them from occurring! AMAZING!

Even better still Dermaviduals is free from emulsifiers, mineral oils, silicones, preservatives and fragrances, basically free from all the nasties

This unique range, allows us, as your skin therapists, to provide you with a truly customised skin care regime. We have the ability to make you your own, individualised cleanser, your own serum, your own moisturiser, EVEN YOUR VERY OWN FOUNDATION – PERFECTLY MATCHED TO YOUR SKIN TONE AND COLOUR!

Dermaviduals Deco Mineral Makeup

Just like the Dermaviduals skin care range, the deco mineral make up is based on science. By using their DMS technology that they are world-renowned for, Dermaviduals have been able to create a mineral make up that –

- Is completely customisable and created for your own skins complexion.
- Enhances your skin’s appearance.
- Has NO nasties hiding in it.
- Maintains and protects the skin barrier (as opposed to just masking skin conditions as other make up ranges often do).

You can keep your entire beauty routine completely pure and you will always have your perfect colour match with Dermaviduals Deco Mineral Makeup

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