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Bath oil for sensitive skin. Concentrate for bath and shower.

Tenfione-semisomal bath contains natural oils (olive oil, avocado oil) and vitamin E.

Tenfione-semisomal bath is a body care product prepared with natural and nature-identical active agents for delicate and sensitive skin. The active agents are embodied in the horny layer of the skin by means of semisomes. This keeps the skin intact while bathing and leaves a velvety softness to the skin after the bath. The product is free of synthetic emulsifiers and preservatives and keeps the skin from feeling oily.

The product (10–20 ml) is carefully dropped into the bath which is then filled with warm water. By stirring the water a transparent milky fluid is obtained. Bathing time should be about 20 minutes. It is recommended to occasionally stroke over the skin. After the bath, avoid rinsing the skin with water and only slightly pat the skin dry with a towel. Tenfione-semisomal bath is suggested to be applied in the evenings.
Alternative: The product can also be applied as a shower product by gently spreading it directly onto the moist skin. The skin is then sparingly rinsed and dried. Be sure to use a non-slip shower mat and to place the glass jar away safely (danger of slipping due to oil film).

Avoid using soaps or other skin cleansers together with the product!